Okay, now everyone will consider me a Grinch. I want to write about puppies (maybe kittens too). This is the wonderful time of year during which we want to bring home really good gifts to make our loved one the most surprised and the happiest person. Especially our children. Oh how we love to see those eyes glisten, and the surmised smile widen, and maybe even some tears of happiness. In our home …Linda and I tried to achieve that level of excitement. And expense? We tend to spend more than we have just to make sure our children have an enthralling Christmas morning. We parents will even delay or forgo our own Christmas (gifts) so our children’s list is filled.
Saying all of that, I want to just mention that this may not be the best time to let a puppy jump out of a box. You don’t have to tell me how cute that furry friend is, I know. I know too well. That is why I post this reminder. Those eyes looking at you. That forehead and nose, those little teeth, that wagging tail, and that puppy breath, who can resist? And that is my point.
Too many puppies are bought on impulse. The purchase or adopting a pet should be a family decision. If you are planning to get a new puppy for Christmas, why not buy a plush puppy for the children with a promise that after the holidays “our family” is getting a new puppy.
Puppies are very impressionable. They also have fear periods. Can you imagine what a puppy would do on Christmas day? The noise, the rattling of paper, being yelled “no” to for everything it gets into. He starts to poop (from stress) and three people catch him, yell at him, someone scoops him up and puts him outside. Maybe the person rubs his nose in the poop so it will “know not to do that again.” Now the puppy pees submissively. Believe me, this puppy will now develop behaviors and issues that will require a behavioral specialist and possibly medication therapy as well. Just think it through.
If you have a question post it or contact me. I will later write about HOW TO BUY A PET, HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR A PET and HOW TO INSURE YOUR PUPPY LOVES COMING TO YOUR HOME.

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