Jim is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy and is a Certified Training Partner (CTP). For any graduate of Karen Pryor Academy to recieve the designation of CTP one must grade 90% or better on all tests and practicums. This is not an easy program for any of our Certified Training Partners.

I am the owner of ANIMAL TALK. I named it such because, “I talk to animals and they talk to me.” The grandchildren have named me Dr. Doolittle. In interacting with animals, only force-free methods are applied in training and/or behavioral modification. Punishment based training shuts the animal down, and results in fear based obedience. I want to see the dog happy in his responses and enjoying the training. If training is not fun for the animal, it is not fun.

Jim is not only a KPA Certified Training Partner, but he is also the owner of a hearing-impaired service dog.There are many deaf dogs and many owners do not know how to communicate with them. I love working with deaf dogs and see the light come on in their eyes. Fluent in American Sign Language, Jim consulted with the State of Virginia regarding the state’s Service Animal Policy for state wide rest areas. He also wrote the Service Animal Policy for Simon Malls. Jim advocates for service animals in accordance with Federal Law.

Jim understands the challenges of living in a silent world.

As a retired pastor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and with twelve years in law enforcement, my passion is training companion dogs for special-needs children, and rehabilitating fearful and/or aggressive dogs.  I also understand the human/animal bond and grieving his/her loss, I serve as an Animal Chaplain. I offer hospice and time-of-death support. Families often need guidance in involving children and/or other pets in the home. Should the pet be allowed to remain at home or go the vets office, or can the vet come to the home? These are vital questions. The area Vets know they can request my presence and I will respond at no charge.

In my career in law enforcement, I have offered help and comfort to fellow officers in their grief over injuries and deaths of police horses and K9 dogs. I have also assisted with the animal funerals.

Services Offered:

ANIMAL TALK explains part of what I do. My incredible instructor, Julie Shaw, uncovered a gift I did not know I had. I talk to animals. Isn’t that awesome?

As owner of Animal Talk, I  provide in-home consultations, group lessons, training and behavioral modification. Services include consultation about selecting the right animal for one’s lifestyle and needs, and training puppy manners, loose-leash walking, a solid recall, and advanced manners. Preparation for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certification offered as well.

Jim (owner of a service dog) works with special-needs dogs, including the hearing-impaired and mobility-impaired. Jim also works with dibetic alert training. Since graduation Jim has been working with fearful and aggressive dogs. Dogs do not enjoy being in conflicting states and we endeavor to rehabilitate and free the dog from those conditions. Working as a team is very important, therefor the owner’s veteranarian is a very important part of the team.

Only force-free techniques are incorporated in  training. Punishment based training is both cruel and ineffective. Choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars are unnecessary and ineffective. Because punishement and commands are not used the result is, the owner has a happy pet that trusts his owner as being the source of only good things. I want your pet to love and enjoy being with you out of trust, not do what you want out of fear.

The service of Animal Chaplain is provided for pets entering life’s end. This is not, “just an animal.” One’s pet has value and significance. People need permission to grieve, and help with their grief process. This is very important for families.

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