Saturday, May 25, 2013I needed to go to Walmart. I needed to fill a prescription for Linda, and get some meat products to prepare some dog treats. As usual I took Nekayah with me. Well, the pharmacy was closed so I could at least get the needed meat products. Nekayah and I meandered through the store, we went to the meat section and taking my time selected the items I would need. As I headed for the check-out I noticed an aged lady sitting on her walker. Her face was looked fatigued and frightened. Her husband was trying to comfort her. Both were in their eighties.

I parked my shopping cart, placed Nekayah in a down, and approached the couple. “Are you in need of some assistance?” I asked. The gentleman told me his wife suffers with claustrophobia. He said the store, being exceptionally busy, put her in a state of anxiety. I tried to talk to her but she was nearly catatonic. She was in an acute state of anxiety. I asked the husband if she liked dogs. He said they love dogs. I told him Nekayah is not only a service dog, but also a certified therapy dog. If he didn’t mind I thought Nekayah could help. With his permission I called Nekayah to me. As Nekayah knows to do, she sat about a foot in front of the lady and scooted forward. Nekayah is very careful not to step on the feet of the person she is tending to. Now up to the lady Nekayah placed her chin in her lap and looked upward. The lady did not react. Nekayah then nudged her hand and again placed her head in the lady’s lap. The lady looked down and her face expressed surprise as if she was unaware of Nekayah’s presence. Her response was, “Ohh,” and her hand moved across her lap to touch Nekayah’s head. When she touched Nekayah her face seemed to relax. Nekayah reached to lick her hand which she allowed. She began to pet Nekayah with both hands and she was now focused and talking to Nekayah. I stood and watched this lady’s anxiety fade away. She was able to calm down and look around with a sense of confidence. The lady was returning to her normal self, began asking me questions about Nekayah, and her breathing returned to normal.

Having recovered I asked if Nekayah and I could walk her to the car. The lady said there were a few more things they needed to get. I checked out, but before I would leave I needed to go back and check on this lady one more time. I found her and her husband and when she saw me her face became one big smile. I asked if everything was okay and she assured me she was now alright. Again she petted Nekayah and talked to her, then told me, “Thank you.” I could tell this was a different lady than the one Nekayah assisted a few minutes past.

Again, God knew where Nekayah was needed and directed us to this needy lady. A dog filled with love and compassion, knowing how to apply these to persons in need, again worked healing to one in distress. God uses Nekayah to do what a human, with all their possible training, cannot do.

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