One day when Nekayah and I were at the mall a boy in a wheel chair, a paraplegic, saw Nekayah across the court. He was obviously excited, 1) to see a dog, 2) to see a dog at the mall. Nekayah was wearing her service jacked (being a certified hearing impaired service dog) and when doing so would not interact. I could tell the boy wanted to interact with Nekayah. I thought, because Nekayah is also certified as a therapy dog, I can remove her jacket and let the boy enjoy Nekayah attention. I went to the mother and told her Nekayah is a therapy dog and if she wouldn’t mind I would take time with her son. She was thrilled that someone would give such attention to her handicapped child. Nekayah scooted gently up to his motorized chair, laid her head in his lap, and he petted and petted her with tears in his eyes. Nekayah very gently licked his hands and his cheek. He petted Nekayah in a very uncoordinated manner, but trained as she is, Nekayah never minded. Nekayah, like Jerry’s, Pooh, (A gorgeous black Great Dane)  brings joy into not only Linda’s and my life, but also the lives of others. I would encourage anyone to complete the TDI certification and let your dog bring joy to others as well.

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